Taiko Drumming comes to Thanet - breaking waves; rolling thunder!

What is Taiko?

A superb throbbing beat….

The raw power of communication on its’ most primitive level..

Rhythm is a fundamental part of life…from the movement of waves to the constant beat of a heart and taiko taps into this instinctive pulse of life…It’s infectious, inspiring and fantastic fun!

You don’t need to be exceptionally fit; almost anyone can wield bachi (Japanese drumsticks).

Taiko (the word means ‘drum’ or ‘fat drum’) have been used in Japan for around 2000 years for religious and entertainment purposes. The rise of the Samurai in the 12th century led to Noh and Kabuki theatre, and the taiko was an essential instrument for these.


Taiko are a common feature in Shinto and Buddhist shrines and temples, and ancient people might feel the power of deity in the rumbling sound of taiko and it had a role as a sanctifying instrument.

Usually, men were authorized by the priest to play taiko on special occasions. People at religious ceremonies and at local festivals often enjoyed dancing along with taiko; these festivals still occur, and provide a great opportunity to see the different taiko styles from across the country.

Our Sensei

Since watching the likes of Yamato, Kodo and Mugenkyo, and experiencing the raw power of Taiko, I decided that I needed to try this fantastic aspect of Japanese culture…

Many weekend courses, workshops and practices later, comes Kensei Taiko, running Taiko tuition on a one to one or small class basis.

Our Sensei has been taught by the likes of Mugenkyo, Greenwich Meantime and teachers from Kagemusha Taiko , having by necessity to travel to experience the power and teaching of these great taiko dojos in order to be able to pass on this knowledge and the great power of Taiko to you…its now available in this area!’


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